The Power of the Drum

Stimulate your physical, emotional
and intellectual development

"In 40 years of teaching I have never experienced such an exhilarating and creative experience with the children."

Drumz for community

The Journey

We are born with the need for rhythmic input. It has a positive effect on the function of our brain waves and could play a vital role in normal physical, emotional and intellectual development. When we combine this effect with music, we enter something truly amazing. Music has the power to change our emotional state in an instant, and with rhythm at the heartbeat of our bodies, its easy to understand why the combination of drumming and music makes us feel good.

Drumz Aloud in action

One of the gifts of the drum is that it provides the opportunity for all participants to communicate freely, breaking down any social barriers and language issues amongst children. For the time in action, the group is talking in harmony through equally coordinated hand and foot movements dictated to by the drum beat in the music. This exposure to rhythmic sounds brings about something spectacular. .

What we offer

1) Drumz Aloud Enrichment Days

Our full day package offers the ultimate experience for the whole school. With our boundless energy we provide up to 7 sessions per day (max 35 children per session) for the year groups to enjoy. We are totally flexible with timings of break and dinner and would fit around your daily schedule with ease. If your school has duel forms for each year then we suggest a two day split of KS1 and KS2 to be able to give all the children the maximum Drumz Aloud experience.

Cost of an Enrichment Day- £395 + Mileage.

2) Drumz Aloud In The Curriculum

An extremely popular choice amongst schools who are looking to tie in other areas of the curriculum into the Drumz Aloud experience. Numeracy, in the form of arithmetic, Literacy, in the form of chanting through syllable construction, and Music, in the form of gaining understanding of beats, bars, phrases and musical choreography. The workshops run in half term (5-7 weeks) segments per class.

Cost of Curriculum Workshops- Email/phone for costings.

3) After School Clubs

These are ran in conjuntion with each half term, therefore the length of the clubs are usually 5-7 weeks long depending on time of year. The clubs are set up to consist of children either from Year 1,2 and 3 or Year 4,5 and 6. We split it this way so that the intensity, difficulty and challenges set meet the age group needs of the children.

Cost of an After School Club- Between 20-35 children @ £30 per child paid upfront.

What the teachers say

Mrs Evans (Pendle Primary School)

"In 40 years of teaching I have never experienced such an exhilarating and creative experience with the children. Drumz Aloud incorporated so many skills and covered so many aspects of the curriculum in the space of 40 minutes. The faces of the children were a picture to see and the whole experience left us wanting more."

Boarshaw Primary School, Middleton

"Thanks Ian for the 13 weeks you spent in school delivering Drumz Aloud to the children. You were very patient with the children and fully made sure they understood the instructions by making them easy to follow so they knew what they were doing. You made it very fun for children and staff and they looked forward to the lessons every Friday. We would highly recommend you to anyone who asked."

Laura Hurst, Teacher and Guide leader

"After the success of having Ian in to run a meeting for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides I decided he would be great to invite into school. His cross curricular activity covers all bases!! Ian is experienced and well organised. He brings everything he needs just give him a space! Both staff and children loved every minute...

Ian is able to engage all age groups with his clear instructions and electric personality! I will definitely be using him again and would highly recommend him to anyone working in schools or with other organisations!"

What the kids say

"Its awesome! I love the songs he uses."

"I like how it looks easy but you end up really tired."

"I like it because its like drumming but you are getting fit at the same time."

"Its great fun and you get to put the routine together with Ian."

In the community

When you ponder creating a legacy, it's pretty scary, yet exciting! As I announce Drumz Aloud to the world, I wanted to take this time to share with you this; As you know there is more than one way to skin a cat, a term so very relevant in the fitness world. There are so many great types of training, fitness classes, gym environments on offer to help get you in shape and keep you motivated along your fitness journey.

Now I know you can't reinvent the wheel and I have never proposed to do so, however you can once in a while throw in something a little different to the norm, yet still having elements of the norm. Taking the principles of SAQ (Speed, Agility & Quickness), the big compound Squat and Lunge movements from LBT and the plyometric (leaping/bounding) focus of Metafit and Insanity, you have Drumz Aloud. The cherry on the top lies in the form of complete and intense brain training and the ability for the drum movement to create absolute euphoria and calmed stillness all in one! Calorie for calorie, Drumz Aloud is on par with all other body weight workouts if you are looking for a workout to test you to the maximum. It also employs the strategy of intensity levels to choose from as you participate in a class, dependant on the workout you desire. We call it arms, legs and levels.

Arms (low intensity) + legs (moderate intensity) + level changes (high intensity) You can drift between the levels throughout the class making it completely your own personal fitness experience.

Drumz Aloud is here to provide a platform for individuals and communities to share fitness experiences whilst developing strong friendships along the journey to healthier, more confident people. I look forward to seeing you all along the way Ian

Events and Bookings

Drumz Aloud in the community is open to everyone with an interest and desire to take part. We deliver sessions to Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, to friends, work colleagues and sports teams. If your looking for something different, fun and innovative, look no further. Unlike other group fitness classes where all it takes is a speaker, an iPod connection and a microphone to set up, Drumz Aloud requires extensive equipment and time to set up the class (45mins-1hour). We must ensure that you maintain a commitment to the classes for at least the minimum period of time. So here is how getting a class set up in your community works:

1) With the help of your family/friends/colleagues find 20-30 people in your local area who are interested in having a Drumz Aloud class for a minimum of 6 weeks.

2) When this is achieved, send us a private message through our social network Facebook page with your request of a class in your area.

3) A venue will be found, and once booked for the agreed time frame, I will accept payment from each person upfront (payment is based on £5 per class/per week)

This is run exactly the same as the after school clubs we deliver on a regular basis and works really well and eliminates the issue of setting up for people who may not turn up for the class.

"Thank you so much for a brilliant evening of Drumz Aloud. The girls absolutely loved it. Lots of smiley faces. What a fantastic business you have. See you again in the future. Thanks again. Caroline Tamworth (Kiln Green Brownies)"

07545 288741